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About Me


I have been writing about the Sonoma wine country since 1998. From here, fertile stories and simple reflections have made their way onto the page, fun tales about the local townspeople, the majestic hills, the makings of wine, the vast blue sky, the back country roads and at night, the stars shining with the valley of the moon. 


In a few words.  I write about Heaven on Earth. 


After 30 years in the rat race as a corporate executive from the entertainment industry, I finally understand what it means to slow down, live simply and "Bloom Where I Am Planted."


Sonoma is my home.  My home sweet home.  I live with my husband, my youngest son, three cats, some fish, and 600 merlot, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc grapevines.  We make wine for fun and gift it to our friends.  You make a lot of friends this way, and for life!


Come with me and enjoy the romance that runs rampant in the wine country.



© 2016 by Monica Dashwood.

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